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Legislature to make texting and driving a primary offense in Ohio

When we last wrote about the Ohio texting and driving law in a previous posting, we discussed the dangers it posed and we reviewed the penalties that legislators had inserted into the law to deter drivers from violating it. Recent statistics released by state officials show that 20 percent of car accident deaths in Ohio are still caused by the distracted driver who is focused on his or her cell phone instead of on the road.

Apology law could impact medical malpractice cases in Ohio

A medical malpractice attorney, like all lawyers, must constantly be aware of possible changes to the law that could affect current and future clients. There is a bill before the Ohio General Assembly that would allow doctors to apologize to patients for mistakes they made to the detriment of the patient, without having that apology or admission of error be used later as evidence or admission of guilt by the doctor in a possible future medical malpractice case.