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Accident victim’s recovery shows human cost of drunk driving

News accounts of drunk driving-related accidents often focus on the accident itself and mention the injuries suffered in connection with it almost as an afterthought. A recent incident that took place in Columbus, Ohio, offers some deeper insight on the long-term ramifications that such injuries can have on the lives of the injured.

Unusual medical malpractice lawsuit raises question of damages

Medical malpractice lawsuits in Ohio are variations of basic lawsuits for negligence. In addition to proving that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, one of the elements that the plaintiff must also prove to be successful is that some harm ensued as a direct result of that breach of duty.

Why is time important in medical malpractice cases?

At times medical malpractice cases go unreported. In other instances, victims file their complaints after a considerable amount of time elapses. This can be because of unawareness of the occurrence of an injury, or a long recovery period. If the delay in discovering or taking action on an injury resulting from a medical mistake takes too long, unfortunate victims can end up missing compensation that negligent doctors rightfully owe them.

There’s more to premises liability than slip and fall

When the average person hears the term “premises liability” his or her mind generally pictures someone slipping on a wet surface and falling down, or a person tripping down some steps because the stairs were not kept in good condition. But the law of premises liability also involves other injury-causing events that the ordinary person may not customarily associate with the common idea of what this area of law includes.