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Ohio woman wins $1.2 million in failure to diagnose suit

Most surgery complications are treatable. But in some cases, doctors miss the signs that something has gone wrong. A recent failure to diagnose suit resulted in damages for a Hamilton, Ohio, woman who suffered a debilitating medical mistake.

4 million adults admit to being a drunk driver

The serious injuries Ohio victims may suffer in an accident caused by a drunk driver have been the subject of several of our previous posts. Eye-opening statistics from the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation demonstrate the extent of the hazards that intoxicated and impaired motorists pose to others.

A dangerous product can injure even the most reasonable person

People take steps every day to stay safe and protect their loved ones. We wear our seat belts, check warning labels on tools and consult a doctor before taking medication. However, even the most reasonable person taking the most reasonable steps to stay safe can end up getting seriously injured if another party fails to take the same precautions.